What to see


Market Square

This place deserves to catch your first glance on the city of Saint John. It is the center of the city’s life where you can find the most popular restaurants and artisan’s shops. Also the rich and charming life of the port could be observed here. The port with its docks is the heart of the city and the starting point of all its arteries. A maritime city could not be understood without breathing the air of the life fully connected with the sea.

Saint John City Market (47 Charlotte St)

A place where you can buy literally anything. It is a big conglomerate of little businesses ran by locals. If you want to buy something special that will remind you about your trip to Saint John, the City Market would be the right place to do it. Also, it is worth just to saunter between multiple colorful counters and stare on lots of beautiful goodies.

New Brunswick Museum (1 Market Square)


Tel: 506-643-2300

This museum represents all the sides of the development of the New Brunswick Maritime province. The introduction to the history and atmosphere of this sight will begin from the oldest archeological findings of the remains of the most ancient inhabitants which are mastodonts, giant trilobites and all the possible diversity of whales.

Further, you will go through “Our Changing Earth”, “Wood, Wind and Sail” and “New Brunswick Industry gallery” halls and discover how people interacted with the Marine over the centuries and how different where their lifestyles from ours because of close relations with the sea.

People who are funds of the fine arts will also find impressive creations of the human genius in the third floor where the museum’s permanent gallery is situated.

Cherry Brook Zoo (901 Foster Thurston Dr.)


Tel: 506-634-1440

A Zoo always will remain a perfect place to visit with kids. And the Saint John’s Zoo can offer you to see more than 35 species of endangered and exotic animals.

Imperial Theatre (24 King Sq., South Saint John)


Tel: 506-674-4100

In 2013 the Imperial Theatre has celebrated its 100th anniversary and it still remains the center of the theatre life in Eastern Canada. From September to May you can enjoy magnificent theatrical performances which often are engaging famous artists to the main roles.