Reversing Rapids (200 Bridge Rd)

Tel: 506-658-2855

Every 12.5 hours you can observe a unique natural phenomenon when the Saint John river changes its flow in reverse. This process happens because of great difference of the water levels between the low tide and the high tide. While the water gradually goes away, the river forms rapids and whirpools. The river empties the Bay of Fundy and forms strong current which slows down after the tides begin to rise again. The continuing rise of the tides causes the reversing of the current.

Irving Nature Park (Sand Cove Road)

Tel: 506-653-7367

A place where you can meet 6 totally different ecosystems with diverse flora and fauna. Friendly guides provide free tours trought the enormous variety of forests, marshs and beaches. You can enjoy geological history of the area as well as meet face to face its current inhabitants. There are even special trails perfect for birdwatching! Also, picnic areas with propane barbecues and Children’s Forest are available for a perfect family weekend.

Rockwood Park (10 Fisher Lakes Dr.)

Tel: 506-658-2883

It is a green oasis flourishing right in the middle of the city life. Here you can find locations for all types of outdoor activities. You just need to choose if you want enjoy a calm walk over more the 50 km of trails or explore zones perfect for sports and active games. Don’t forget to follow the news as there are often some interesting events and festivals taking place in this park.

Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark (277 Douglas Avenue)

Tel: 506-672-0770

The environment of marvelous beauty supported with multiple multimedia and interactive information stands to discover the sight. Moreover, kayaking, hiking, cruising, rock climbing and many other activities are available for people who enjoy learning the beauty of nature around them in an active way.