Mahogany Manor Bed & Breakfast

The Mahogany Manor Bed & Breakfast is a small and very cozy hotel with only 5 rooms. It is built in just 11 minutes from the beach. Renovated in 1905, this hotel of “B & B” type is located on a quiet residential street. The visitor can have a rest in its garden or sit ant talc in a large cedar porch and on the swing.

Mahogany Manor`s rooms are individually decorated, with antique furniture and a private bathroom with a shower. Each room has a guest book where previous guests shared their thoughts, feelings and experiences, and where new visitors can also write something. All the atmosphere of the hotel is conductive to relax, speak about something private, but very important with the nearest and dearest or, in contrast, stay alone and decide some troublesome task which you couldn’t cope with in the noisy city.

Every morning the breakfast is served in a family house with homemade jams, seasonal fruits and freshly prepared main dishes. And one more nice addition: the hotel cuisine contains special dietary dishes.  Last but not least, family rooms in Mahogany Manor Hotel are equipped with cable TV and VCR.

Besides hotel`s commodities, you can find it very pleasant to walk in the surrounding area. Mahogany Manor Hotel is in 9-minute walk from the Old Town Market.  Opened in 1876, the Old City Market underwent various misfortunes, from The Great Fire of 1877, which almost ruined the city, to the process of city renewal in the 20-th century that built a modern city right outside the Market gates. These gates have swung closed at the end of each business day since 1880. They are crafted from heavy wrought-iron, while their astonishing design is a memorial for talent of the local blacksmith who built them. Saint John City Market has been considered to be a place of Canadian historic significance. This place is a part of the Family of National Historic Sites, one of more than 800 places across Canada which help to preserve common Canadian heritage and identity.

Near the Old Town market the visitors can find the Imperial Theatre which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013. Known as the ‘finest Theatre in Eastern Canada’, the Imperial Theatre was erected on the place of the old Lyceum Theatre that was destroyed in the Great Fire of Saint John in 1877. Walter Golding, the theatre’s first general manager, brought many theatrical events and very famous performers to the theatre, among which an actress Ethel Barrymore, John Phillip Sousa, March King, and, as it is rumoured, illusionist Harry Houdini. Nowadays, the Imperial Theatre continues to host some of the finest artists and performers from all around the world. During a season, which starts in September and ends in May, you will see a large number of artists in the lineup, including different kinds of art, from classical music to theatre performance, from opera to local dances.

So, if you consider yourself a culture-vulture or just would like to relax during holidays, the Mahogany Manor Hotel is a perfect place for you.