Fundy Heights B&B

Fundy Heights B&B is a very interesting hotel for those who love luxury vacation. No, it is not about this type of hotels with posh rooms with 5 bathrooms and golden toilet, but about the refinement of the Victorian style.  It is designed with antique furnishings such as large beds, a nice fireplace and very comfortable vintage armchairs. Of course you know that for Englishman the book is sacred. Therefore, the presence in the hotel the library, a large number of shelves and racks heavily cluttered with books is also mandatory. Here, in the hotel guest room, you can drink a cup of evening tea or read a book about inextricable romances and high passions.

The hotel offers a daily hot breakfast, a private bathroom with bathrobes. Amenities include cable TV, DVD-player, free Wi-Fi and seating area. Breakfast includes fresh fruit, cereal with milk, eggs benedict and omelets.

The way from the hotel to the famous Reverse Falls will take only 5 minutes. This hotel is located in 3 km from Reversing Falls. Saint John Reversing Falls are located in the valley leading to the Bay of Fundy. During low tide the water goes down in the cascade manner. And during the tides, which are very intense in this part of the world, the water in the bay rises to 5 feet above the river water level. This leads to a rapid movement of the stream in the opposite direction.

Digby ferry is also very close to the hotel and it takes 5 minutes to reach it as well. The Saint John Center is in 6.2 km. The distance to the national historic landmark, tower Carleton Martello, is 1 km.

The last one is definitely worth to see. A fascinating story of the tower Carleton Martello goes back to 1812. The tower was built on a rocky cliff to protect these lands from the American invaders. It was a strategic in military conflicts until the Second World War. Martello Tower is the name for round stone fortifications that were built on the shores of the British Empire in the first half of the 19th century. Tower of St. John is the oldest building in the city and one of the nine remaining Martello towers in Canada. In 1930, it received the status of a national historical monument, and in 1963, the museum opened to the public. Historical Park includes the restored powder magazine, barracks and reconstructed exhibits located in the tower. Visitors will also enjoy a beautiful view from the roof. In 1846, the round tower was equipped with powerful walls that allowed using it them as a powder magazine. In addition, until 1944, Carleton Martello Tower served as military barracks, as a prison for deserters, and even as the fire command center.

If you would like to know more about the sights around Fundy Heights B&B, book a room there already today!